Sunday, 17 April 2011

American life insurance company (ALICO) in Pakistan

American life insurance company (ALICO)

American life insurance company

American life insurance company (ALICO) has started its operations in Pakistan in 1952 and continued until 1972, when the life insurance industry was nationalized. At that time, American life insurance company (ALICO) issued 72,000 policies and has invested more than $ 36 million in its economy. After denationalization American life insurance company (ALICO) became the first foreign life insurance which had been licensed to operate in 1994 in Pakistan. It began operations May 25, 1995 with paid up capital of PKR 130 million. Today is the largest capitalization of the private sector multinational life insurance in Pakistan with paid up capital of PKR 500 million. American life insurance company (Alico) Pakistan is a listed company owned by its U.S. parent company and the Pakistani public. With the commitment he brings extensive international experience in Pakistan and modern technology to conduct business in a professional and sophisticated manner.

American life insurance company (Alico) is one of the world largest and most diversified international insurance in the world: 20 million people in over 50 countries are waiting for their insurance and savings needs. Our proud history of successful growth, which accounts for almost 90 years, and we have become a global business, keeping our customers as individuals and serve them locally.

We are different in other ways too. Economic security is our business if we are careful, but we are also constantly creative in giving customers what they need. We're entrepreneurs as we make what we do to new markets and continue to invest with confidence in products and quality services.

In uncertain times, contains Alico dedication to innovation outside us prudent.

Location: Karachi, Pakistan


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